I Want To Be Ready

Copyright © 2006 Van Wood



The first day of my life - The day that I was born - God said He was watching over me 

He said He had a plan to make my life complete and prepare me for eternity

There’s nothing I can do to deserve His love and the kindness He has shown to me

But I can live each day with a grateful heart – And be ready for eternity

Now the years have come and gone and here I am today on the doorstep of eternity

But I am not afraid of what the future holds, God said He is watching over me 


I want to be ready when He calls my name
And I go to stand before His throne
I want to be ready to see Him face-to-face
And to hear Him say to me “Well done.” 


I get to go to heaven - I get to hear the angels singI get to walk on streets of gold - I get to see the King 


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